Greetings from Michigan–a blog is born!

Welcome to wintermitten, a spanking new blog about Michigan living and Great Lakes culture.  We’re ready to roll, as shiny and new as an “Imported From Detroit” Chrysler 300 right off the production line .

The Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan, i...

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In times to come we’ll be sharing stories about Michigan’s diverse history, culture,  and — most importantly — the people who live here.  Readers can look forward to future dispatches on a wide variety of topics — a centuries old cannon found in a river, a rare book long forgotten in a  dusty attic, a city known for its strange healing baths. We’ll discover Pewabic pottery, petroglyphs, and shipwrecks. We will take a new look into our historic past, and meet some folks who are working in their communities to make a better future.   

Upper Falls, Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Mic...

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We’ll explore lighthouses, learn local myths and folklore, and find out how urban farming is changing a blighted city landscape.  In weeks and months ahead we will stop ‘by woods on a snowy evening’, sing the Song of Hiawatha and part the rushing waters of Tahquamenon. 

 After a long day skipping petoskey stones, playing snowsnake, and listening to the sighs of singing sands, we’ll share some recipes and sit a spell over a nice glass of cherry wine.  
Michigan, the “mitten” state, has plenty of stories to tell, and we’re sure you haven’t heard the best ones yet.  That’s why we’re here.  We hope you will join us on our journey and visit often.  Come along and find out why Michigan’s state motto is “if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”
  Lake Michigan / Sleeping Bear Dunes

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Michigan–a blog is born!

  1. russelllindsey says:

    Thank you for starting such a blog! I will come back early and ofter 😀

    • Wintermitten says:

      Thank you for reading! Wintermitten is just getting rolling–so much great ‘stuff’ to cover, it’s hard to choose. Let us know if there are any particualr stories, historical events, places, or people–especially folks making a difference in Michigan–you’d like us cover. We’ll be posting more very soon.

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